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About the author:

Artist's works are introduced in different styles, but the main tendency may be definitioned as postfovism with strong influence of impressionism, expressionism and minimalism. As a result of this confluence, an unigue author's style was created, which transmits dreamy atmosphere of author's pictures through bright colored decisions of shapes. All of the author's works are borned spontaneously, without prior idea, reflecting natural sequence of events and its emotional perception by artist through development of color energy, what allows visual and structure shapes of work to change for a whole creative process. Creating a shape's structure through color spectrum, the author creates picture's surface layer by layer. The color's transparent and the presence of air space allow spectator to fathom slimness of changing human and nature cycles, and many forms create the 'kaleidoscope' of energies, which owerflowing in each other, define harmonious integrity of completed picture. Combining different architectural elements with variety of shapes of nature landscape, mixing surrounding reality with dream, the author drags off spectator in the world of his own fantasy and feelings. The author's creative luggage includes 500 pictures, created by him in different times. Most of the works were created with butter on canvas by palette knife technique. An overwhelming amount of author's works is located in private collections.

The information:

Except already known tendencies in art, Jury Makeev works in new styles, called Spirituart and Symbolens, created by himself. Spirituart tendency introduces you a form of religious consciousness through any works of art, in core of which the author's interpretation of Spirit's beginning lies. All of uncanonical images of Spirit's world, created by combination of symbolism of energy interactions of ancient and modern methods are concerning this style. SymbolenS ( Symbolism of energies in space ). Style Symbolens - this connection of aesthetic visualisation and scientific knowledge in the field of interaction of energies. Most of the works were created with butter on canvas and the other part of author's works-with mixed technique and numerical graphics.

Definition of style Spirituart:

Spirituart tendency was created by Jury Makeev in 2000 since Christos Christmas as a result of personal search and self-perfection in creative and spirit. Spirituart tendency is an any self-expression in art, in core of which an author's interpretation of Spirit beginning of the universe lies. All of the author's uncanonical images of Spirit's world are concerning this tendency.
The works of this genre include several tendencies:
1) Showing of the author's personal Spirit way and his interaction with surrounding Spirit's world;
2) An opening of reason-evidence communications between Spirit's and physical worlds;
3) The author's understanding and representation of Supreme Spirit Spheres.
Part of the works was created with mixed technique and numerical graphics.


Box-envelope with reproductions of pictures. In 25 sheets with reproductions of pictures and 2 sheets with the description, are a text English translation. The size of a box and sheets: 17,5 х 19,5см. Paper-Digital Color Printing/210g/France. To reserve a box-envelope it is possible having sent the demand on e-mail: makferson@yandex.ru

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Box-envelope with reproductions of pictures.